Manage your API Services

Click on the API Services option under the My Account Section. 


Now you are able to manage your API Services in terms of activating or de-activating each one of them. The process is slightly different depending on whether you are getting charged using MarineTraffic Credits or an API Subscription.

  • Activate/De-activate a Subscription-based API Service (recurring)

To activate an API Service of this type, simply, click on the Activate button.

You will get to a new page where you can complete your action. The details regarding the subject API service will be displayed there. You can also edit your billing details or add a new payment method by using the relevant buttons. When you are ready, click on the Purchase button - make sure that you have understood and ticked the checkboxes. Also, if you have a discount code, make sure to use it prior to completing the purchase (activation) of the API Service.Manage_your_API_Services.jpgIn order to complete your purchase, you must first accept that no refunds are possible and that this is a single user license (Terms of Agreement) using the relevant check-boxes. Upon activation, the next billing date is displayed at the top right corner of each subscription-based API Service's details box.


API Services auto-renew at the start of the next billing period. If you want to stop auto-renewals, simply click on the "X" button. The subject API Service will then be de-activated