How can I apply for Historical Data?

If you are interested in previously recorded AIS-data, you can export Historical Data. Ever since 2009, MarineTraffic has been storing the available information regarding all recorded vessels' positions. Further analysis of these positions enabled us to keep a detailed record of the recorded vessels' Arrivals at and Departures from Ports all around the world as well.

You can gain access to billions of such historical positions and Port Calls using the Historical Data Export feature. The requested records will be delivered to you and will contain the information that you have asked for. This way, you can make good use of the historical data in order to serve your purpose.

Sign-in to your MarineTraffic account, click on the Solutions button and select the Historical Data option.

Alternatively, you can click on About option in the footer section of the MarineTraffic homepage and then select the Contact us option and Historical Data.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the application form for exporting Historical AIS data is located at.

 Fields with the (*) indication are mandatory. 

Apart from providing us with some basic information about yourself, you are able to fully customise and personalise the extent of the data you wish to gain access to by using the available options in the form. In fact, you can define any aspect of the following parameters (try to define them as fully as possible):

  • whether you are interested in Historical Positions or Port Calls ("Type of data" field)
  • whether the data source will be from both Terrestrial-AIS and Satellite-AIS or not ("Satellite / Terrestrial" field)
  • if you are interested in a certain area, specify its min/max Lat/Lon values ("Area Coordinates" field)
  • if you are interested in certain vessels, specify their Names or MMSI/IMO numbers ("Vessel MMSI(s)" field)
  • if you are interested in a certain Port, specify, if possible, its UN/LOCODE ("Port(s)" field) or its MarineTraffic Port ID (as included in the subject Port's Details page URL)or its Name and Country ("Request Details" field)
  • specify the intended use of the Historical data ("Business Case" field)
  • if you are interested in a certain time period, specify the Date/Time from/to values ("Request Details" field)
  • let us know of any additional information you may want (name, type, dimensions, flag etc) regarding a vessel's details ("Request Details" field)

Upon filling the form, click on the Send Request button. We will manually review your request and inform you about the total cost of providing you with the requested Historical Data.