Add Vessels to your Fleet(s)

Given the fact that you have created your first fleet or, even, multiple fleets, then you must have already become familiarised with the process of adding vessels to your fleets using the Fleet Management page.

However, for your convenience, you are able to perform this action from other MarineTraffic spots, too. Thus, you can quickly add more vessels to your fleets:

  • directly from the Live Map. Simply, click on the icon of a vessel that interests you to bring out their InfoWindow. Then, click on the Add to Fleet button to add her to your default fleet.


Alternatively, you may click on the up arrow and select to add this vessel to another fleet of yours or to a completely new one.


  • using the Data Exploration Tool. Find the vessel that you wish to add to any of your fleets and click on the three-dot button located on the right-hand side of each result.

    Choose between adding the vessel to your default fleet, another fleet of yours or to a new fleet.


  • from the Vessel Details page of any vessel. The fleet-related controls are located at the upper right corner of the page. Use them to add the subject vessel to the fleet of your choice or to a new fleet.


Once you add the subject vessel to your fleet, this will be also indicated as favorite on the top bar of the Vessel Details page.