Manage your Fleets

Go to the Fleet Management page under My Account Section. Then, use the adjacent tabs (Fleets List, Vessels, Extensions, Settings) to be able to perform any action related to the management of your fleets.

Use the Fleets List tab to get a list of your created fleets (each row of the list corresponds to a fleet of yours).

Screen_Shot_2017-12-06_at_01.33.17.pngYou can see the name of each fleet (Fleet Name) and the date you have created each one of them (Created).

However, you can also perform the following actions:

  • Choose your default fleet: Simply click on the Mark as Default button which corresponds to the fleet that you prefer to set as your default one. Τhe fleet of your choice will be the one you will be viewing in the Fleet Status page or on the Live Map by default while you will be able to directly add more vessels to it in just a click. 
  • Rename a fleet: Click on the Rename button to change the respective fleet's name. In the window that will pop-up, type the new name of the fleet and click on the confirmation button.

  • Delete a fleet: Click on the X button to permanently delete a fleet of yours. 
  • Show fleet on the Live Map: Click on the Show Fleet on map link to get the respective fleet displayed on the Live Map.
  • Get to the Fleet Status page: Click on the View fleet status link to get a detailed overview of the respective fleet on the Fleet Status page.