Extend Fleets

In case you want to extend your Fleet limits, you can use extensions at any given time, from your account section. This will allow you to extend your fleet capacity and be able to add more vessels in your fleets.

You may click on the My Fleets option, under the My Account section, in order to get to the Fleet Management page. 
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Under the MY FLEETS tab, you will see your current Fleet capacity.

If you click on the EXTEND FLEETS CAPACITY button, you will be redirected to the page of our Fleet service. But it is worth mentioning that all our website Plans include the ability to add up to 50 vessels to your Fleet(s). 

Under the MY FLEETS tab, you will also see your current Sat Flex (Undelayed) capacity.

The SAT Flex (Undelayed) feature is available through our Professional and Professional Plus plans.

Note: In case you are a member of a Corporate Account, you will not be able to purchase a service or plan, but you may ask your Administrator to acquire and assign them to you. If you are an Administrator, you may purchase unlimited SAT Flexible services to assign to the members of the Corporate Account.