Purchase and Use Fleet Add-ons

Depending on the subscription plan or bundle of your choice, different limits apply regarding the overall size of your fleet(s) and the type of available AIS coverage:

Subscription Plans

• Basic = 5 vessels
• Premium = 50 vessels
• Pro = 500 vessels
• Sat = 500 Vessels (SAT positions for 15 vessels)
• Sat Pro = 500 Vessels (SAT positions for 50 vessels)


• Ship Management Operations Lite = 10 vessels
• Ship Management Operations Pro = 50 Vessels (SAT positions for 3 vessels)
• Ship Management Operations Ultra = 500 Vessels (SAT positions for 10 vessels)
• Ship Supply Operations Lite = 10 vessels
• Ship Supply Operations Pro = 100 vessels
• Ship Supply Operations Ultra = 500 Vessels (SAT positions for 10 vessels)
• Logistics Operations Lite = 50 Vessels
• Logistics Operations Pro = 100 Vessels
• Logistics Operations Ultra = 500 Vessels (SAT positions for 10 vessels)
• Brokerage Commercial Lite = 10 Vessels
• Brokerage Commercial Pro = 50 Vessels
• Brokerage Commercial Ultra = 100 Vessels (SAT positions for 5 vessels)

In case you want to extend the limits set by your plan, you can use Add-ons without having to upgrade to another subscription plan or bundle.

Go to the Fleet Management page and click on the Extensions tab to view the Total Fleet usage.

Click on the Buy Fleet Extension Add-on button to increase the overall size of your fleet(s) by your desired number of vessels (max. 1000 vessels).

Click on the Buy Satellite Add-on button to track vessels via undelayed Satellite-AIS (max. 15 vessels). 


A new window will pop-up in any case. From there, you will be able to select your billing period and define the number of vessels that will be included in each Add-on. 

Upon setting the parameters according to your wish, click on the Proceed to checkout button to complete your purchase. Keep in mind that volume discounts apply - the more vessels you include in an Add-on (either Fleet Extension or SAT), the lower the price per vessel gets.

Note: In case you are a member of a Corporate Account, you cannot use the Fleet Management page for purchasing Add-ons. If you are a User, you may ask your administrator to assign Add-ons to you. If you are an Administrator you may purchase any Add-ons using the related Corporate Accounts Dashboard section.