Purchase and Use Fleet Extensions


In case you want to extend you fleet limits, you can use extensions at any given time, from your account section. 

Click on the My Fleets option under the My Account Section to get to the Fleet Management page. 


Click on the Extensions tab to view the Total Fleet usage.

You now have two options. You can either click on the Extent your Fleet button that will take you to the Fleet Online Service page, to extend your overall Fleet size-

-or click on the Extent your SAT Fleet button to track vessels via undelayed Satellite-AIS, using the SAT Flex Online Service. (maximum of 10 vessels)

Note: In case you are a member of a Corporate Account, you cannot use the Fleet Management page for purchasing extensions, but you may ask your administrator to assign them to you. If you are an Administrator you may purchase unlimited vessels to assign to the members of the corporate account.