Get an overview of your Notifications

Click on the My Notifications option under the My Account section.

Under the Overview tab you can see your monthly Notification Credits Allowance and your Purchased Credits


and, of course, the Notifications you have created.


Every time you use the Notification Wizard and assign certain notifications to an asset of your choice (vessel, fleet, port or a combination), a new group of notifications is created. These groups are presented in this section so that you can swiftly get an overview of the notifications that are bound to each asset with efficiency.

Let's have a look at a rather complex example:


In this case, the selected asset is a whole Fleet (Cargo Vessels) and 4 different notifications have been tied to this asset.

  • note that you are able to see the values that you have set to the variables in the "Speed below Minimum limit" notification 
  • the selected communication channels for each group of notifications are also displayed next to the set of notifications that comprise each group [Email, Mobile Push]

At the bottom right corner of the list, you can see the Total Items indication - maximum is 20 items per page, in case you have created more notification items (more groups of notifications) there will be relative navigation buttons, for your convenience.