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Main Components [MarineTraffic Mobile App]

These are the main components that comprise the MarineTraffic Mobile App. Getting accustomed to their features and functions will enable you to use the application with ease and efficiency, customise it according to your needs and fully personalise it.


MarineTraffic Live Map and Main Toolbar

The Live Map is the key component of the application. You are able to interact in various ways with it and perform a wide series of actions using the available options. Information is presented on the Live Map in an articulate and fully-functional way.

Using the Main Toolbar, you are able to perform a series of actions in no time:

  • view the Live Map in full-screen
  • use the Multi-Purpose button to perform certain actions in a breeze (Refresh, access the "Settings", the "My Fleet" or "the "Map Options" menu, upload your Photos of maritime interest or use the in-app tools - Augmented Reality and Route Planner)
  • search for and locate vessels and ports on the Live Map
  • bring out the "Side Menu"





Side Menu

The Side Menu is comprised of three main sections: 

  • Map Views (Ships, Ports, Winds, My Fleet)
  • Lists (Ships in Area, Near Me, My Fleet)
  • Tools (Augmented Reality, Route Planner, Settings, Share, Exit)

Using its available options, you can perform any action and make full use of the App's capabilities. 




Settings sub-menu

Use the available options to personalise the MarineTraffic mobile app to match your likings and customise it according to your needs.




(click here to find out more about the available options of the "Settings" sub-menu)

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