Station Info Windows

All stations that comprise the MarineTraffic network can be displayed on the Live Map.

Once you have done so, simply click on any icon that corresponds to any of them to bring out its respective InfoWindow.

InfoWindows contain basic details about the corresponding Station (Operator, Area Covered, Elevation) as well as reception-related information (Average and Max Reception distance in NM, Distinct Vessels and Positions Received in the last hour). The Operational Status of each Station is also displayed on the top left corner (read more). There are also 3 buttons which you can use to:

  • get the station's Coverage Map (Coverage Map button). Right-click anywhere on the Live Map or refresh it to return to "normal" viewing

  • view the vessels that sail within the range of the station (Vessels In Range button). This way, the only displayed vessel icons on the Live Map will be those that can get their AIS signal picked-up by the subject station according to the Area Covered by it (learn more about attributing positions to stations).
  • get to the Station Details page (Details & Statistics button) where you can find all the available details as well as comprehensible plot diagrams regarding any station's statistics.

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