Automatically create Vessel-based Notifications when adding a Vessel to a Fleet

Using the related options in the Preferences menu (or in the "Settings" tab under My Account->My Fleets), you are able to define whether you want to add notifications regarding a vessel when adding her to a fleet of yours (or delete notifications when removing her from a fleet). In case you have never defined a default selection regarding this matter, you will be asked to choose accordingly.

Thus, any time you add a new vessel to an existing fleet of yours, a window will be popping-up which will enable you to define whether you want a vessel-based group of notifications to be created or not (containing the following default notifications: Arrival, Departure, New Photo Uploaded for the subject vessel).

In case you select Yes, the above-mentioned group of notifications will be created regardless of whether you have created any fleet-based notifications or not:

  • If you have created fleet-based notifications you will be getting both the fleet-based and the vessel-based notifications for the subject vessel
  • If you have not created any fleet-based notifications, you will only be receiving vessel-based notifications for the subject vessel

In case you select No, no new notifications will be created. So, you will be getting notifications regarding the subject vessel only if you have created fleet-based notifications.

Similarly, when removing a vessel from any of your fleets, you will be asked accordingly.

Note: If you tick the selection box next to the Remember option prior to clicking on the Save button, your choice will be saved for any future additions (or removals) of vessels to your fleets (and the selection window will stop popping-up). You can change this decision anytime, by making the appropriate choices in the Preferences menu at any time.