Add an AIS-Receiving Station to the MarineTraffic Network

Enter the My Account Section and click on the "My Stations" option.

Now you are able to add your station(s) or manage the details of any station(s) you may have already added.

Click on the "Add Receiving Station" button to provide MarineTraffic with all the details regarding your station using the relative form that will be brought out. Μake sure that you will not leave blank any fields marked with (*)


  • Place - Station name (mandatory field): Fill in the name of the station or the location of it.
  • Contact Name (mandatory field): Provide MarineTraffic with the name of the person that will be contacted in case it is needed.
  • Country: Select the country the station is located at from the drop-down list.
  • Contact Phone: Fill in a phone number where we can reach you in case it is needed. Apply the country's prefix by using the drop-down list in case the phone number's location is elsewhere than the station's location (different countries).
  • Equipment: Provide a short description of the station's equipment (Receiver model, Antenna type etc.)
  • Operator: Fill in a name (or call-sign) that will correspond to the station's operator.
  • Roaming MMSI (for vessel stations only): Fill in the MMSI number of your vessel.
  • Altitude (m): Fill in the station's altitude (in metres). 

Once you have completed the above-mentioned fields, locate your station on the map.

If you know the exact GPS coordinates of your station's location, you may manually fill in the Latitude / Longitude (mandatory) fields (in Decimal Degrees). Alternatively, you can locate your station's position directly on the map and the Lat/Long fields will be auto-completed (this is a less precise way, though). 

Note: You are also able to allow your internet browser to share your location with MarineTraffic. This way, if you are located at the same place with your station when submitting the form, the Lat/Long fields will be auto-completed with precision.

Before submitting the form, make the appropriate selection in the "I want my personal details as shown on the "Operated By" field to be publicly visible".

This means that other users will be able to view the relative information when visiting your Station's Details page (the displayed information will depend on what you had filled in the "Operator" field). Tick the selection box so that the "Operated By" information will be publicly displayed.

Once you are ready, click on the "Submit" button on the bottom right corner of the form. Your station will be added to the MarineTraffic network of AIS-receiving stations and a unique Station ID number will be assigned to it as well as a unique Port Number to send your data to. Thus:

  • your new station will be listed along with all the other ones in the Station Search pages.
  • a unique Details page will be created where all your statistics and station details will be displayed!
  • you will be a contributor to the project by covering your own area and providing data for it.
  • you will have constant support from us. Do not hesitate to contact MarineTraffic regarding any issue!


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