Manage / Edit your AIS-Receiving Stations

Enter the My Account section and click on the "My Stations" option. 

Apart from adding a new station to the MarineTraffic network of stations, you are also able to get an overview of any receiving station(s) that you may have already added to the MarineTraffic network and edit any details regarding any of them, if necessary.


Stations are presented in rows and each row corresponds to a certain station of yours. Thus, you can get a quick overview of each station regarding the following details:

  • Station ID: The unique ID number that was assigned to the respective station when it had joined the MarineTraffic network.
  • Place - Station Name: The name or the place of the station you have provided MarineTraffic with.
  • Country: The country the station is located in.
  • Latitude / Longitude: The exact GPS coordinates of the station's location (in Decimal Degrees).
  • Public: Whether other MarineTraffic users are able to see the name of the operator of the station (Operated by) in its Details page (this depends on your selection when adding your station to the MarineTraffic station).

In addition, you are able to edit the details of your station(s) at any time by simply clicking on the (respective) "Edit" button at the right end of each row. Then, on the pop-up window that will be brought out, you will be able to make any necessary changes.


Any field can be edited except the station name field. Note that the following fields are mandatory and cannot be left blank:

  • Place - Station Name (Not editable): The name that will be publicly displayed on any MarineTraffic page related to your Station (Live Map, Station Details, Stations Lists, etc). 
  • Contact Name: The name that MarineTraffic may use to contact you (for internal use only)
  • Alert Interval Mins: In case your Station goes offline, MarineTraffic will send you an e-mail notification. Use this option to define the time interval (in minutes) between the Station failure and the notification. The default value is 60 minutes and can be set anywhere between 30 and 1440.

This way you can provide MarineTraffic with updated information regarding your station (for example, regarding an upgrade to your equipment) or additional details regarding fields you may have left blank in the first place.

You are also able to change the exact GPS coordinates of your station's location in case it was moved to another place or you want to provide MarineTraffic with more precise ones. You can also change the setting regarding the public display of the name of the station's operator.


Once you are done with making the necessary alterations or additions, click on the "Submit" button. A pop-up message will let you know that the changes have taken effect.