Why is my help required to "Cover my Area"?

MarineTraffic is a community-based service that provides information about vessels and their positions' data contained in the public broadcasts transmitted by the AIS (Automatic Identification System). After processing this data, MarineTraffic is able to provide its users with free, near real-time positions and other details of vessels from all around the globe.

AIS signals are transmitted by each vessel via VHF radio frequencies with a range that is limited to some tens of nautical miles. MarineTraffic is, therefore, using an extensive network of shore-based or vessel-based AIS-Receiving stations to cover the most possible. Practically, anyone is able to contribute to the collection of such data by installing an AIS-receiving station. Your help is required to install receivers:

  • in areas where there is no coverage
  • in covered areas where the quality and the reliability of the data could be improved
  • in areas with special maritime interest (near a busy port, a high-traffic ship route or canal, a point at high altitude, etc).

Even if you have no experience in radio equipment or any similar technology, you can participate in the MarineTraffic project with your own station, as our team of technical specialists will be guiding you through all the steps of its installation!

If you are already operating an AIS-receiving station, you could be sharing your incoming data with us, too!

There are several benefits that you will be enjoying if you become a contributor to the collection of AIS-data in addition to keeping track of your station's performance and statistics once you have added it to the MarineTraffic network.

Note that, in certain cases, we may be able to provide you with a high-quality AIS Receiver for free or sponsor you to buy one!