Is there, really, no need for a computer?

Absolutely! Note also, that a stand-alone AIS receiver (without a computer) is the most robust solution, since you will not have to keep a PC and any AIS-relevant software running! You will also be able to place the receiver much closer to the antenna, even if your network port is, say, 100 metres away.

In order to send us your collected data without using a computer, you should use an AIS receiver with a built-in Ethernet port. For example, a standalone unit can be found in our e-shop (R400N model). It is fully optimised for coastal AIS reception with built-in ethernet and USB ports and is plug-and-play and very easy to be programmed to operate with MarineTraffic – all it needs is to be connected to your VHF antenna, to a power supply, and to your network port!


Remember you may apply for a free AIS receiver or buy one directly from the MarineTraffic E-shop!