Can I avoid using a computer with my serial-port AIS Receiver?

Yes, you can! Instead of using your computer as a means of providing internet access to your AIS receiver, you may use a serial-to-ethernet converter that enables you to connect your receiver straight to your network port! This way, the converter will collect all the data from the serial port of your AIS receiver and will send it directly to our servers. In such a case, the use of a computer with special software installed (such as AIS Logger, NMEA Router, etc.) will not be necessary. Some tested providers of serial-to-ethernet converters are (among many others):

All you have to do is configure your converter to send the collected data directly to the following IP address: "", port "XXXX" (UDP or TCP) where XXXX is the port number that you will be provided with after registering your station by adding it to our stations list

If you need any kind of support on this matter, please contact us.