What is the cost of an AIS-Receiving Station?

Assuming you are able to provide your station with a constant power supply and that you already have an internet connection (and a PC in case you will use an AIS receiver with serial interface – any PC running on Windows 2000 or later with more than 256MB of RAM would do) all you need is a VHF antenna, the relevant cables and, of course, an AIS receiver.

You will have to spend no more than EUR 80 to 100 for the antenna and the cables. If you decide to buy your own AIS receiver, price varies from EUR 150 to over 500 depending on the receiver, its capabilities and connectivity options.

Remember though, that in many cases (e.g. uncovered areas, areas of special interest, installations on top of mountains) we will provide you with a top-class AIS receiver free of charge. Feel free to apply for one or contact us for more information.