How can I monitor the performance of my AIS station?

Some of the benefits of covering your own area have already been pointed out. However, there are more to come upon registering a new station to the MarineTraffic network regardless of whether it is a newly set-up one or an already existing one.

Once your AIS station is up and running, this is the suggested course of actions you should follow:

After having completed the above-mentioned steps, then:

  • Other MarineTraffic users would also be able to find your station using our dedicated search pages.
  • Your station could be displayed on the Live Map as an icon. Anybody clicking on your station’s icon would be able to bring out its InfoWindow and get to your station’s Details page!
  • Your station’s special Details page will contain information on it and all of your station’s statistics. This way, you will be able to keep track of your station’s performance at any time by being able to watch daily and long-term statistics on signal propagation, the number of vessels received, as well as a coverage map. See an example here: Details page of Station #1256