Report my position through Email

Yes, this is another possible way of reporting your own positions to us. We are accepting position reports by e-mail messages sent to Thus, in case you have either an established automated procedure to send e-mail position reports or you wish to manually send your position to MarineTraffic, you should consider including the above-mentioned e-mail address to the recipients of your position messages.

Note that e-mail position messages must be sent within regular intervals to in order for us to be able to display a continuous track of your vessel. Ideally, the message interval should be no greater than 15 minutes, but an interval of one hour or more could also be acceptable.

In order for us to be able to parse your report, the message should be preferably written in a standard format like the following:

(Latitude and Longitude should be in decimal degrees. Negative values for South or West coordinates. Speed in knots. Timestamp in UTC)

Another acceptable format is the following:

The standard format send via Inmarsat is also acceptable.

Since there is no identification of the vessel within the message, we identify the vessel using the email address of the sender, which looks like this:

You may configure your Inmarsat device to send standard e-mail position reports, like the following, at fixed time intervals to

If you are interested in sending your position reports by e-mail, contact us to express your intention. Please, include the MMSI number of your vessel, the email address of the sender of the reports and a sample of your position report.