AISMon is a freeware demodulator/decoder which outputs AIS-data in NMEA format. Data input may be from any installed sound card (radio discriminator output required) while the output may be used by charting applications such as the MarineTraffic Live Map.

AISMon may be used in case you wish to share your AIS-data with MarineTraffic via a VHF device (such as a VHF transceiver). This method is a cost efficient alternative to dedicated AIS receivers as it enables you to use a cheap or readily available VHF device and a PC equipped with a basic sound card (with line-in) to decode AIS messages (note that in order to do so you may have to tap in the radio's discriminator output). Then, AISMon will handle the decoding of incoming AIS-data and forward it to our database.

Download AISMon (freeware, .exe, about 2.0 MB)

Download the DIY VHF Radio Manual (pdf)

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