Request Access to non-Public Documents

[Only members of a Corporate Account can request access to Vessel Documents]

Depending on the Security Level of the Vessel Documents (as set by their Owner/uploader), MarineTraffic users may have or may have not access to them. However, MarineTraffic users who are members of a Corporate Account can request access to non-Public documents.

Available documents will be visible in the Vessels Particulars section of the subject vessel's Details page.

Non-public Documents will have the "Request Access" available. Tick the selection box next to the Document(s) that you are interested in (or click on the "Select All" checkbox to automatically select all the available Documents). You are also able to send a message to the Documents owner using the "Message" field. When you are ready, click on the "Submit" button.

The owner of the Documents will be notified via an e-mail sent by MarineTraffic and decide on granting or denying your request. During this period, you could get an overview of your pending requests by simply clicking on the "Shared Documents" option under the My Account Section. You will be able to see the name of the Company that owns/operates the subject vessels. Click on the "Show Details" button to view the Documents that you have requested access to and the Ship they refer to.

Once the Owner of the Documents replies to your request, you will be notified of the outcome via an e-mail sent by MarineTraffic. Requested Documents will be moved accordingly. Thus, if the Owner grants access, Documents will be moved to the "Shared Documents" section (otherwise, they will be moved to the "Revoked/Denied Requests" section). 

To view the contents and download the Documents, click on the "Show Details" button (notice the "Share Expiry" field - you will not have access to the respective Document after this date has passed). Click on the subject vessel's name (under "Ship Name") to get to her Details page. Now, the Documents will be available both for viewing and downloading!