Which components comprise the MarineTraffic homepage?

The following basic components comprise the MarineTraffic homepage:


  • Main Menu




The MarineTraffic Main Menu is located on the top of the page and enables you to quickly access other MarineTraffic pages, actively participate in various MarineTraffic community-based initiatives and find information on the available MarineTraffic services. You are also able to perform quick-searches while you can have instant access to any incoming messages of yours. Finally, it enables you to access the My Account section where you can find information and perform any action related to your account.


Note: The Main Menu is fixed. This means that no matter the MarineTraffic page you are on, you can always use the available options that the Main Menu provides you with. For example, clicking on the MarineTraffic logo on the left end of the Main Menu bar, would directly get you back to the homepage. 


  • Live Map area




The MarineTraffic Live Map is the core component of the MarineTraffic homepage. You can interact with it in various ways - to name a few, you are able to apply filters or layers to it, view Density Maps or get access to all the latest maritime News.


  • "Latest Photos" and "Port Calls" boxes



These two boxes are located just below the Live Map area and are continuously updated so that they contain all the Latest Photos or the most recent Port Calls


  • Footer Menu




The Footer Menu is, of course, located at the bottom of the MarineTraffic homepage. It contains a lot of links which facilitate your navigation through the various MarineTraffic pages. You are also able to select the language of your choice using the relevant menu, follow MarineTraffic on the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), find links for the MarineTraffic Mobile Applications and access the MarineTraffic Help Centre or contact our Customer Support Department.


Note II: For your convenience, the Footer Menu is also fixed (similarly to the Main Menu).


Note III: If you want to get rid of third-party advertisements (which are displayed on the MarineTraffic homepage) you should consider upgrading to a MarineTraffic subscription plan or bundle.