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Define your Fleet Settings

Click on the "My Fleets" option under the My Account Section to get to the Fleet Management page.

Click on the "Settings" tab to define your preferences.

To activate an option, tick the respective checkbox. Un-tick it to deactivate it.

The "Add/Delete notification when adding/removing a new vessel in/from my fleet" options enable you to define whether vessel-based notifications will be automatically created/deleted every time you alter the composition of your fleets.

Read more about automatic vessel-based notifications

When the "Fleet Colours" feature is enabled, you will be able to view the vessels of your Fleets on the Live Map with a distinctive colour marker surrounding the vessel icons for easier identification.

Furthermore, you will be able to set your preferred fleet colours to match your likings and facilitate vessel identification. Click on any coloured rectangle to bring out a palette which you can use to select your preferred fleet colours.

Using the related options in the Live Map Toolbar, you will be able to assign your colours of choice to any of your fleets or to certain vessels that belong to them.

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