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Documents & Security Levels

Uploaded Documents do not become available to anyone. Actually, the uploader is able to define the Documents' Security Levels and select the availability of them to other MarineTraffic users. Thus, the uploader defines whether other users are able to view or download the subject document.


The Documents Owner/Uploader may choose from 3 different Security Levels:


  • All registered MarineTraffic users who have signed-in to their MarineTraffic account can have access and view any Vessel Document of this Security Level. Public Documents will also be available for Downloading.


  • Only Pro plan subscribers and above will be able to View Documents (title only) subject to this Security Level. In addition, MarineTraffic users who are members of a Corporate Account can request Access to download such Documents directly from the uploader.


  • These Documents are not available to other MarineTraffic users (neither for Viewing nor for Downloading). Only the owner of these Documents can share them with other users. 


The following table contains all of the above-mentioned information: 

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