Sometimes the Live Map icons refresh slowly or strange data appear on it. Why is that so?

Slower refresh rate

When a large amount of icons is displayed on the Live Map, the refreshing rate of them may be reduced.  Such issues can be attributed to restrictions and limitations of the web technology and javascript - they may become more apparent if you are using older browsers. For example, the Internet Explorer browser (especially version 6 or older) is very inefficient in web applications of this kind. The following browsers show a significantly better performance and we suggest using one of them: Opera, Chrome, Firefox.

Partial / Strange data

The system may receive positions for a vessel, which has not yet transmitted its static information (name, dimensions etc.). This happens because static vessel information is transmitted more rarely than her positions. In this case, the MMSI number of the vessel (e.g. 239923000) will appear instead of her name. There is also a small possibility of wrong or garbled recorded data. This may happen due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Malfunction of the AIS transponder of the vessel
  2. Global Positioning System (GPS) errors
  3. Incorrect configuration of the AIS-transmitted information by the vessel's crew (this refers to the static information, such as the vessel's name, type and dimensions, as well as the destination and the ETA)