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Cost of Historical Data Export

The cost of exporting Historical Data depends on the parameters you set when requesting access to it. Simply, sign-in to your MarineTraffic account and use the special form located at the bottom of the Historical Data page to define these parameters (Click here to learn how to use this form and apply for Historical Data).

Upon processing your request, we will inform you about the cost of the requested set of Historical data. The following tables contain basic cost-related information:

Basic Historical Positions Cost

Basic Historical Port Calls Cost

Note that the cost is primarily calculated depending on the number of records you have requested. However, the following factors should also be taken into account as they affect the final cost:

  • all prices mentioned on the tables above refer to Terrestrial-AIS Data only
  • Satellite-AIS data is subject to a different pricing structure - in such a case, you will be provided with separate quotes by us
  • final cost will vary depending on any additional parameters you want to be included or on any additional filtering or processing requested from our side
  • volume discounts apply
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