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"In-App" Purchases - Augmented Reality / Route Planner [MarineTraffic Mobile App]

You can expand the functionality of the MarineTraffic Mobile Apps by purchasing any of the available "In-App" tools. These tools can be purchased once you have downloaded and installed the MT App on your mobile device and will be seamlessly integrated into the main App.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables you to identify Vessels (Ports and Lights as well) around you at a glance! In other words, this tool connects reality with maritime intelligence.

Modern mobile devices are equipped with various sensors - magnetometer is one of them. Thanks to it, mobile devices are always oriented in relation to the Earth's magnetic field (similar to a traditional compass). This feature combined with the built-in cameras of the mobile devices and the MarineTraffic intelligence make Augmented Reality a must-have tool!

All you have to do is to point your device's camera towards any vessel around you. The rest is up to MarineTraffic as you will instantly get information regarding this vessel on your screen!

(click here to learn how to install and use the Augmented Reality tool)


Route Planner

Route Planner is a powerful tool which is ideal for voyage planning. It enables you to:

  • plan routes
  • set your own waypoints
  • measure and calculate distances
  • get calculated ETAs (estimated time of arrival)
  • save/edit your favourite routes
  • record your own routes in real-time

(click here to learn how to install and use the Route Planner tool)

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