Upload your Photos on Mobile App

Using the MarineTraffic Mobile Application, you are able to directly upload your own photos of maritime interest to the MarineTraffic Photo Directory.

To upload a picture, simply, tap on the Photo Upload option from the Tools section of the side-menu. Screenshot_20210223-115438_MarineTraffic.jpg
You can choose to upload new photos using your mobile device's camera or select already existing photos from your device's gallery.

Note I: The photo must comply with certain photo standards to pass the moderation stage prior to being publicly displayed in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory. 

(click here to read the photo standards in detail)

You can then edit your picture using the available options (crop, straighten brightness, contrast, saturation).

When you are ready, tap on the Next button and type the name of the depicted asset on your photo to select it from the list that will be brought out.

Then, you can provide all the information regarding the subject photo:

Date taken

Copyright holder (by default the MarineTraffic user's name will be used - you may edit it if the copyright holder differs).

Add a Photo Legend and then Locate where the photo has been taken on the map.

Finally, enter the name of the Place.


You can now view a summary of your selections and the information you have provided MarineTraffic with. Tap on the Upload button and your photo will be included in the world's largest maritime photo gallery!

Note II: You can go back and make changes to the data you enter at any time. For your convenience, all data entered will be stored and used as the default info for the next photos you may upload (copyright holder, location etc.)