Get Started with MarineTraffic Mobile App

In this article, you will learn to:

Download the App

Depending on your mobile device's Operating System (OS), you may visit the corresponding store to download and install the MarineTraffic Mobile App.

Google Play (Android) 


App Store (iOS) 


Upon installation, you can directly start using the App. However, it is highly recommended to sign-in or register in order to make full use of the App's available functions and features.

Register for free with MarineTraffic

If you are not a registered MarineTraffic member, you can register for free by tapping Menu > Settings > My Account > Register


At this point, you can choose to create your account with an email or through Google Social Login.

Register_Email.jpg  Continue_with_Google.jpg


Log-in to the App

If you have already registered with MarineTraffic, you can sing-in by tapping Menu > Settings > My Account > Login


And enter your credentials, if you have registered with your email or, if you have registered through the Social Login feature, you can tap the respective option.

Login_Email.jpg  Social_Login.jpeg