Map Views on Mobile App

In this article, you can learn about the Map Views option on the Mobile App map that is split into three subcategories.



The layers option is the first option under the Map Views category.

  • Vessel Options: allows you to filter the map according to vessel type as well as to change vessel-related settings, as shown here.
  • Density Maps: allows you to activate the Density Maps Layer on the App. More details on this feature can be found here.
  • Layers: that allow you to display timezones, piracy zones, graticule, custom areas, ports, lights and stations on the map.


The Weather Layer is available with the In-App Starter plan or Weather Maps service. It allows you to switch between Wind and Wave, Sea State and Atmospheric Layers to visualise current and forecast weather information utilizing the different options and more.

My Fleet

This option shows your Default Fleet. If you wish to change your Default Fleet or make any other changes in your fleets, you can find more details here.