Tools on Mobile App

In this article, you can learn about the Tools options on the Menu that are split in the following subcategories:



You can find a full description of the Notifications feature here

Area Statistics

If you wish to review certain information for a selected area on the map, Area Statistics is the right tool. All details about it can be found here.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables you to identify Vessels, Ports and Lights around you at a glance! You can learn all about it here.

Route Planner

The Route Planner is available through the Starter plan and it is designed to help you plan your vessel’s voyage. You can learn how to use this feature to its full extent here.

Photo Upload

If you wish to upload through your App any photos you may have taken of Vessel, Port or Light, you may follow these instructions


The OnCourse App allows you to record your Vessel in MarineTraffic as well as report her positions through the App, check the traffic around you and more. You can learn all about it here


There are several configurations you can perform through the Settings section, such as Map/Layer/Vessel Options, My Position, Weather, Performance, Units and Time, etc. The step by step related to each setting is available here.


If you want to help your friend or colleague to download the MarineTraffic Mobile App, you can simply tap on this option and choose the channel of your preference. All the other person will have to do is follow the link he/she will receive.


To minimise the App, meaning it will remain open, you can tap on this option. However, if you wish to logout from your MarineTraffic account, you will need to access Menu > Settings > My Account & Purchases, which is further explained here