Use the Tools options

Tap on the Menu icon to bring out the Side Menu. The available tools are grouped under the Tools sub-menu.



Tap to access an overview of your Notifications.

Augmented Reality

Tap to access the Augmented Reality in-app tool.

Route Planner

Tap to access the Route Planner in-app tool.

Photo Upload

Tap to Upload your own Photos of maritime interest to the MarineTraffic Photo Directory.

Cruise Mode

If you are using our other app, OnCourse, to self-report your positions, you can click on this button to be quickly taken there.


Tap to access the available options contained in the Settings sub-menu. Customise every aspect of the MarineTraffic Mobile App and perform various actions related to your interaction with it.

(click here for a complete overview of the available options under the "Settings" sub-menu)


This tool enables content sharing. Tap on the Share option and a screenshot of what is displayed on the MarineTraffic Mobile App will be captured. You are able to share this screenshot with other people (via Bluetooth, E-mail, Facebook and more), view it on another device, convert it to PDF or include it in a Text (SMS) message.

Note I: The list of the available Share options may vary, depending on your mobile device and the installed software and applications in it. 


Tap to exit the application (android devices only).

Note II: If you exit the application without tapping on the Exit option (using your mobile device's Home or Back button, for example), it will still run in the background.