Interact with the Mobile App Live Map

The Mobile App Live Map is the key component of the MarineTraffic Mobile App. All information is displayed on it in a way that it can be easily conveyed.

You can move around freely by simply tapping and dragging the Live Map in order to get to the area of the world that interests you the most.

On the Live Map, you can locate your own position on the Live Map by tapping on the auto-tracking icon at the upper right corner of the Live Map. Upon activation, the icon will turn blue and a blue indication marker will be placed on the map to notate your current location. 


You are also able to zoom in/out - to do so, either pinch-to-zoom or use the relevant buttons at the bottom of your screen.

Note: There is a Map Scale next to the Zoom Control buttons - this way you can be informed about your current zoom level.

The icons on the Live Map correspond to vessels (Ports and Lights can be displayed as well - use the relevant Settings options to do so or the available Map View options). The icons are colour-coded depending on the respective vessel's type - this allows for fast and easy identification. Icons also notate the movement status (underway/anchored) and the heading of the subject vessel. Tap on any vessel's icon to bring out an information box containing her name, flag, speed and last AIS-signal reception


Tap on the information box to get to the vessel's Details page where you can get further information on the vessel. 


Please keep in mind that you are able to personalise the Live Map according to your likings by using the relevant Settings options (Map Options). Other options (e.g. Vessel Options, Ports Options, Weather) also alter the type of displayed icons and information.