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Search for Vessels - Main Toolbar [MarineTraffic Mobile App]

Using the relevant option on the Main Toolbar of the MarineTraffic Mobile App, you are able to search for Vessels (and Ports) that are recorded in the MarineTraffic database. Thus, you can directly find the assets of interest, visit their Details page and locate them on the Live Map.

Tap on the "Search" button to bring out a field where you can fill your search term in. For your convenience, before you start typing a list of the assets' Details pages you have most recently visited will appear on your screen so you can immediately get there. Notice that each vessel's icon is displayed next to her name so that you can easily get informed about the respective vessel's type and current status (underway/anchored).

You are also able to search in 2 different categories - "Ships in Range" and "Ships & Ports". Simply tap on the name of the category you wish to search in.

  • Ships in Range: Search for vessels which are currently within the range of any of the AIS-Receiving Stations that comprise the MarineTraffic Network (out of range ships will be omitted from the search results).
  • Ships and Ports: Search for any recorded vessels and ports (regardless of their current AIS status).

Start typing your search term to find the asset that interests you. As soon as you have typed at least 3 characters, suggestions will begin to appear on your screen. 

Continue typing to narrow down the search results. Tap on a displayed asset's name to view it on the Live Map or tap on the respective "info" icon to visit its Details page. You can also tap on the "show all results" button to view a full list of assets the names of which contain your search term.

Apart from searching, using the available "Main Toolbar" options you can also:

  • Display the Live Map in full-screen: Simply tap on the "MarineTraffic logo" icon 
  • Tap and hold the Multi-Purpose button to perform a series of actions

  • Bring out the Side Menu: Tap on the "Menu" icon
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