Search for Vessels and other assets on Mobile App

The Search option on the Main Toolbar of the MarineTraffic Mobile App allows you to search for Vessels, Ports, Stations, Lighthouses and Areas that are recorded in our database. 

Basic Search

You may tap on the Search button to bring out a field where you can fill your search term in. Then, you may start typing your search term to find the asset that interests you. As soon as you have typed at least 3 characters, suggestions will begin to appear on your screen. If you continue typing, you can narrow down the search results.

By tapping on the asset’s name, you will be redirected to its Details Page. But if you simply wish to see the asset on the Live Map, you may tap on the respective icon.

Filter your Search

You can filter your Search based on the asset type (Vessel, Port, Lighthouse) or search for a Vessel using only her MMSI or IMO numbers. In order to do so, you may tap on the FILTERS option and select the relevant one. This can be done before or after you enter the name of the asset.


Go to the Area of your interest

MarineTraffic segments commercial maritime areas of the world, such as Baltic Sea, Antarctic, Great Lakes, etc. You can quickly have a visual of those areas by tapping on the option GO TO AREA and selecting the one of your interest.


Advanced Search

This option is available through the In-App Starter plan as well as through the Professional and Enterprise plans.

You can use the Advanced Search to filter our Vessels database based on one or a combination of characteristics, such as the Vessel’s Name, Flag, Origin/Destination/Current Port, Capacity, Year of Build and more. You will just need to tap on the ADVANCED option, enter the relevant details and tap on APPLY.


Choose how many items to keep in history

If you tap the magnifying glass icon, then the three dots icon, you will be able to select how many items to keep in your Search history. Once you select the desired number, you will need to tap the ‘X’ icon to save the changes. You can also clear the Search History by tapping the respective option.