Access and use the Details pages

There are two ways to access the Details page of any asset (vessel, port or lighthouse) which is displayed on the Live Map.

  • tap on the asset's icon on the Live Map to bring out its information box and tap on the information box


  • perform a search using the relevant icon on the Main Toolbar (or bring out a list using the Lists option) and tap on the info icon next to the name of the asset that interests you


 In any case, you will get to the Details page of the subject asset. There you can find all the available information regarding it, view the uploaded photos of the asset and perform various actions related to the asset.

Note: The available options and information vary depending on the type of the asset (vessel, port, lighthouse). 

Let's have a look at the Details page of a vessel: 

Vessel's particulars

In the main page, you will find details regarding the vessel's static information.


Photo Gallery 

The default photo of the subject vessel will be shown at the top of the Details page. The number of available photos is shown below.

Tap on the photo to access the Photo Gallery and view all the available photos of the subject vessel. Use the Display Options buttons to select the way the available photos will be displayed.


Action Buttons

Use the available action buttons, located at the bottom of the page, to perform the following actions:

  • Track: tap on this button to view an animated playback of the subject vessel's track. Tap on the Past Track icon to take a look at its previous voyage checkpoint, or the Route Forecast icon to see the next checkpoints in its current voyage.
  • Location: tap on this button to directly locate and view the vessel's position on the Live Map
  • My Fleet: add the vessel to your default fleet. If you want to make any alterations prior to adding the vessel to your fleet, tap on the 3 dots at the right side of the button to bring out the Fleet Options. 
  • Notifications: tap on this button if you want to receive notification for the specific vessel.
  • Photo: You can use this button if you want to upload a new photo of this specific vessel. 


Voyage Related Information

Find information regarding the latest voyage details of the subject vessel (Previous and Current Port, Current Destination as reported via AIS), speed and draught details and a timestamp of the last received info.


Last Position Received

Find details regarding the vessel's Dynamic Information such as:

  • Current Position (Area, Lat, Lon)
  • Current Status/Speed (Speed/Course, Status)
  • AIS-related (Info received at, AIS Source)


Recent Port Calls

In this section of the Vessel Details page, you can see a list of the most recent Port Calls for the subject vessel. Tap on any port to get to the Port Details page of it.


 As already mentioned you can get to Details pages regarding Ports and Lighthouses as well. The page structure is similar to that of a Vessel Details page.  

Port Details pages

Photos, the show on map button and port details are also present. It is important to notice, though, that you can find three very interesting lists:

  • Vessels in Port: A list of all the vessels that are currently in the subject port
  • Recent Arrivals/Departures: A list of the most recent Port Calls (Arrivals at and Departures from the subject Port)
  • Expected Arrivals: A list of the Expected Arrivals of vessels at the subject Port

The numbers in the brackets notate the amount of vessels contained in the respective list. Tap on the name of the list that interests you. The list will expand to allow you to find more information and visit the Details page of any of the included vessels.


Lights Details pages

Information on the subject lighthouse, related photos, "show on map" button are available in the relevant Details pages. There is also an indication regarding the number of vessels that are located or sail near the subject lighthouse (Ships near).