Get the most out of the Cruise Mode feature [MarineTraffic Mobile App]

The Cruise Mode feature enables you to track your vessel's position, speed and course in real-time. What's more, you can be directly informed about other nearby vessels and project their courses as well as yours. In short, your vessel will be the focal point of the Live Map! 

You can activate Cruise Mode using the relevant "Tools" option,

or by selecting the Cruise Mode icon from the multi-purpose button.

Note that you must have enabled "Location Services" on your mobile device to allow the MarineTraffic Mobile App to make use of your position!


Let's have a look at the displayed information on the Live Map when the Cruise Mode is activated (notice that the small icon at the top right corner of the Live map will turn blue - tap it to deactivate Cruise Mode):

  • the Live Map will be center-locked to your vessel's position (the blue vessel icon)
  • at the bottom of your screen there are the SOG (Speed Over Ground) and COG (Course Over Ground) transparent frames. These frames inform you about your vessel's current speed and course. 
  • a virtual compass can also be displayed so that you can be oriented all the time. Depending on your zoom level, the compass radius will adjust accordingly (the indication shown at the South - 8nm in the example photo below)
  • there is also information regarding the actual distance of other vessels' positions in relation to yours

Note that you can alter the type of the displayed information by making the appropriate selections using the Cruise Mode options.

(click here to learn more about the available options in the Settings sub-menu)


Tip: Cruise Mode and  Route Planner interplay

If you have purchased the Route Planner in-app tool you can also record your tracks while cruising and save them for future reference or further analysis.