Manage the Shared Documents of your Managed Vessels

Click on the Managed Vessels option under the My Account σection. Click on the Sharing Management tab.

Using this tab you can keep track of all the Documents you own and have uploaded, depending on their Share Status:

  • Shared Documents: Documents that are actively being shared will be listed here.
  • Pending Requests: Here you can see requests (made to you) to share your Documents with other users/Companies. Such Documents will remain in this section until you have granted or denied access to them.
  • Revoked/Denied Requests: If you deny access to your Documents or if you revoke access to some already shared Documents you will see the subject Documents being displayed in this section.

Click on the Show Details button to be able to perform more actions. Let's have a look at the available options regarding Documents you already share with others (Note that you can click on the Company Name to view the Business Profile of it in the MarineTraffic Business Directory).

The Share Expiry date informs you about the duration of the subject Document's sharing period. Click on the date to set a different duration. There is also the Never Expires option - click on it and the Sharing period will have no limits.

Click on the Tick button to activate your choice.

You are also able to revoke access to your shared Documents by simply clicking on the X button under the Action column header. Upon confirmation, these Documents will be moved to the Revoked/Denied Requests section (this action is reversible as you can re-grant access to revoked Documents).