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Fleet Mode: ON / Display Multiple Fleets

MarineTraffic users who have created multiple fleets have been asking us for a way to display them on the Live Map at the same time...and we delivered!

In fact, a new icon has been added to the Live Map Toolbar. Click on it to activate "Fleet mode".

With "Fleet mode" activated, you can view all the vessels that belong to any of your fleets on the Live Map. The main advantage of the new feature is that it enables you to select the exact fleets as well as the exact vessels of any of your fleets that will be displayed on it!

All MarineTraffic users, regardless of their subscription plan, can make use of the "Fleet Mode" feature.


Moreover, the addition of "Fleet Colours" enables you to tell your fleets apart at a glance! Each vessel icon will be framed with a circular marker with the colour of each marker notating the fleet that contains the subject vessel.

Using the relevant buttons, you are able to directly filter the displayed Fleets by colour or change the colour of any fleet or vessel of yours in a breeze for easier identification!

For your convenience, more options have also been added to the "Fleet Management" page. Make sure to check them out or take some time to learn how to display multiple Fleets on the Live Map and use the new colour-coding feature.


(note that the "Fleet Colours" feature will be available to all MarineTraffic users for a limited period only)

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  • Avatar
    Eduardo Perez

    After this change, we found that embeded maps are not showing any of our fleets. For instance here:

    And yes, before the change the map worked perfectly, showing our default fleet.

  • Avatar

    @Eduardo Perez,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. The MarineTraffic Support Team has been notified and our Developers are already working on resolving the issue.

    For your convenience, the proper way of letting us know is by submitting a ticket so that the Support Team can directly get in touch with you.

  • Avatar
    Eduardo Perez

    Thanks, will do in the future.

  • Avatar
    Thomas Himml

    cannot disable anymore the colour Setting of the fleet.
    please check.

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