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Voyage Planner [beta] launched

The first version of the all-new MarineTraffic Voyage Planner is here!

The MarineTraffic Voyage Planner displays suggested (optimal and alternative) sea routes based on the extensive amount of actual vessel routes which are constantly being recorded to our database. This way, you can plan with accuracy and decide efficiently!

The fact that all the results are based on actual routes is the key difference between the MarineTraffic Voyage Planner and other tools as the latter ones are heavily based on routing algorithms instead. These algorithms often fail to take into account important factors such as Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS), recommended paths, zones of special interest, safe waterways, turning points etc.

Most importantly though, we are counting on you to make the tool even better and improve the results even further!

Bearing in mind that the Voyage Planner tool is work-in-progress, feel free to share your feedback on the accuracy of the displayed results, the functionality of the tool and suggest improvements to the routes - your contribution is more than welcome!

Thank you!

(Note that, at this stage, the tool is limited to distance calculation with more functionality to be added.)


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    Bob Fritz

    The planner worked very well after I figured out how to enter the ports. However, how to do this was not at all clear as initially I was told to enter a valid departure and destination from the drop down, but there was no drop down. I used Portland, ME and Charleston, SC, which were said to be not valid ports. After searching for these ports in the "ports" drop down, it worked as advertised. It would be more user friendly if entering the ports in the planner would immediately identify them as valid ports or would link to the "Ports" drop down for selection. It took me about 20 minutes of searching before I stumbled on how to enter the ports. Keep up the good work as this is a useful tool for me as a delivery yacht captain.

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    Katerina Sofrona

    Dear Bob,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    I have already forwarded your suggestions to our development team.

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    Thomas Bengtsson

    When you plan a voyage from a port on North West Continent to the Baltic, the only option is through the Kiel Canal and you can not change that.

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