Display Multiple Fleets on the Live Map / Fleet Colours

Click on the Fleets icon on the Live Map Toolbar and activate the Fleet mode feature.

When Fleet Mode is activated, you will be able to view all the vessels that belong to any of your fleets on the Live Map at the same time.

Click on the toggle button to display (or stop displaying) all of your fleets at the same time or click on each Fleet's name to display the selected Fleet(s) only.

Click on the arrow next to the name of any Fleet to bring out the full list of vessels that constitute it (click once again and the list will retract). Then, click on each vessel's name to select which vessels of the subject fleet will be displayed on the Live Map.

Click on any vessel's name to zoom into her position on the Live Map - the vessel's InfoWindow will also be brought out to get all the latest information about her. 

Fleet Colours

Enable the Fleet Colours feature from the Fleet Settings options.


This way you can colour-code your fleets for easier identification. Thus, with Fleet mode activated, each vessel icon will be framed with a circular marker. The colour of the marker notates the fleet that contains the subject vessel.

You can also change the colour-coding for specific vessels or change the colour of a whole fleet. 

  • Click on the coloured dot next to a Fleet's name to change the subject Fleet's colour.


  • Click on the coloured dot that corresponds to a vessel to change the colour of the subject vessel only.


When you change the colour of a certain vessel, the circular marker will contain both the fleet and the vessel colour - the outer colour notates the Fleet and the inner colour notates the selected vessel's colour.

Finally, you can filter displayed Fleets on the Live Map by simply clicking on their respective colour using the Filter by Colour section. 


Note I: You can click on the cogwheel icon to get directly to the Fleet Settings page.