Show Fleet on Live Map

Once you create your Fleet, you are able to display the position of the added vessels on Live Map, through the MarineTraffic Live Map Fleet Mode tool. 

Clicking on the heart icon on the Live Map toolbar automatically turns on the Fleet mode.

In this article, you will learn more about how you can utilise the Fleet Mode option through the following topics:

Display your fleet(s) on the Live Map

After turning Fleet Mode on, you will be able to display all your fleet(s) on the Live Map by checking the box beside “Show all fleets''. If you wish to display only a certain fleet or vessels, you can check only the respective box to the fleet or vessel of your preference. 
GIFMaker_me (8).gif


You can also display your fleet on the Live Map, simply by using the “Filter by colour” option.                

By clicking on any colour, all the fleet and vessels of the colour, that you have selected will be displayed respectively.
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Display fleet(s) and other vessels on the Live Map

You can also display your fleets together with all other vessels on the Live Map. You can do this by toggling the button for “Show other vessels”, as shown below:

By activating the “Show other vessels” option, you will be able to display all vessels on the Live Map based on the filters you have set on the Vessel Filters section. 
GIFMaker_me (10).gif


Change fleet colour

While Fleet Mode is on, you can also change the colour of your fleet by clicking on the coloured dot next to your fleet name. This opens a prompt box for you to select your preferred colour. 

Create Fleet

Through Live Map Fleet Mode tool, you are also able to create a new Fleet, which will be saved under My Fleets page of My Account.

You will just need to add the Fleet name, select a color and add the desired IMO/MMSI numbers of the vessels, you want to be part of your Fleet.

- Full access is available with the Professional or Enterprise Plans -