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Thanks to our Station Operators and the ever-expanding MarineTraffic Network of AIS-Receiving Stations, on Monday, July 13th, a new record was set. It was on that day that the "100k vessels on the Live Map" achievement was accomplished!

Ever since that day the 100k mark seems like 'old news' as, most of the time, the number of vessels on the Live Map well exceeds it!

(note that the number results from both terrestrial and satellite AIS tracking. Click on the following link to learn how to activate undelayed satellite-AIS coverage)

Our efforts never stop. Besides, our dedication to driving research from the lab to the open market and offering innovative services to the public domain constitutes the core of the MarineTraffic ethos and values!

For example, you can check out our most recent addition to our Technical Guides section - a step-by-step guide on setting-up an AIS-Receiving Station based on a cheap, easily obtainable DVB-T USB stick. Find out more!

Of course, we never stop encouraging our users to become Station Operators and we keep supporting them in every step of installing their own while providing them with benefits after the installation has been completed!

Participating in the MarineTraffic Network of AIS-Receiving Stations and contributing to the coverage of more areas around the globe does not necessarily require any prior experience with similar equipment. If you can provide your station with a constant power supply and an always-on internet connection, you can easily start operating your own Station!

There are several areas around the world where the overall AIS coverage could be improved (e.g. India, Philippines, South Korea, Red Sea area, New Zealand). No matter where you are located, though, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in participating. We may even sponsor you or offer you all the necessary equipment to get started for free. Make sure to visit our "Cover Your Area" page and...

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