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Introducing the #SnapShip Photo Contest

The MarineTraffic Mobile App users (Android and iOS) are now able to upload their own photos of maritime interest to the MarineTraffic Photo Directory. What better time than this to launch a Mobile Photo Contest?

Participating in the #SnapShip Photo Contest is a...snap! Anyone with a mobile device and the MarineTraffic mobile app can take part in it and have a chance to win great prizes!

The top-10 most voted photos/entries will compete for the grand prizes. The MarineTraffic judging committee (a team of experienced photographers) will select the top-3 photos among them. Moreover, all users who have uploaded a top-10 photo will get a free annual Premium plan upgrade to their MarineTraffic accounts!

The contest will last for 3 weeks starting on the 29th of June (contest ends on the 17th of July). Visit the #SnapShip mini-site to view all entries and vote for your favourites. Share your photos on the Social Media and invite other people to join and upvote yours!


Download the MarineTraffic App and participate in the #SnapShip Photo Contest!

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