Use Voyage Planner on the Live Map

Click on the Voyage Planner icon on the Live Map Toolbar. That will prompt the Voyage Planner box to come up.


Note I: There are more route options and voyage information coming soon! Click on the Notify me button to provide your email address and be informed as soon as a new version is available.

Now you are able to use the respected field to set a starting point and a destination and visualise the best sea routes.

The available starting points - destination combinations are:

  • Port to Port. This option will suggest routes between ports. Click on the search bar and enter the name of the origin and destination ports you are looking for or click on any port visualised automatically on the Live Map.
  • Vessel to Port. This option will suggest routes based on the vessel's past routes (if available). Simply search for the vessel that interest you in the origin field and set a destination port as well, either by searching for it or clicking on the Live Map.
  • Point to Port. Τhis option will suggest routes between a user-defined point on the map and a Destination Port. Just click anywhere on the Live Map, and the coordinates of the starting point will appear on the search bar. Then select a destination port, either by searching for it or clicking on the Live Map. 

Once you have selected both points you can click on the Display Routes to visualise the best route on the Live Map.

Moving around the Voyage Planner map is similar to moving around the MarineTraffic Live Map. Using the available options at the upper right corner of the map, you can select the map type of your choice by simply clicking on the corresponding option.

You can also add another destination, by clicking on the Plus sign located under the destination field.


As with any destination port, you can either search for it or click any port on the Live Map. Once you have selected the second destination, click on the Display Routes button. The second leg will be displayed.

Now, you may have noticed a small box next to each destination port field. This is the turnaround time. Turnaround time is the estimated total time at port and anchorage areas, which is used to calculate the expected time of departure from each destination. This will be especially helpful if you have selected a leg destination route so you can better calculate the overall time of the voyage. For now, you can select a custom estimation, based on your own experience.