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Introducing the "Voyage Forecasts" tool

(Full functionality is only available to PRO and SAT users. Upgrade now to enjoy Voyage Forecasts to its full extent.)

The "Voyage Forecasts" tool is the latest addition to the MarineTraffic broad list of services. Use it to get forward-looking voyage information about any vessel at a glance and be informed in a user-friendly and intuitive way!

It is easily accessible by simply clicking on any vessel's icon on the Live Map and bringing out the Vessel InfoWindow.

The tool contains the vessel's latest voyage-related information so that you can actively monitor it in real-time!

The smart visualisation of the available info will let you know of the vessel's voyage progress at a glance and in real-time!

The available information includes the actual time of her departure (ATD) from the last port and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to her destination along with all the relevant details such as: Distance Travelled and to Go, Total Voyage Distance, Time to Destination, Speed and Draught!

Hover over the visualisation area to view such details!

Or, click on the tooltip icon to learn more about some of the facts that MarineTraffic took into account to provide you with a dynamiccalculated ETA!


Click on the action buttons to get the Past Tracks of the vessel or a Route Forecast on the Live Map! Keep in mind that Route Forecasts are based on actual routes as recorded by MarineTraffic through the years!


Keep in mind, you can also access "Voyage Forecasts" by visiting the Vessel's Details page.

With the "Voyage Forecasts" tool, being actively informed is just one click away at any time!

Note that you have to upgrade to a MarineTraffic PRO or SAT Subscription plan to be able to make full use of the new feature's capabilities!


Enjoy the MarineTraffic Voyage Forecasts!
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