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Live Map InfoWindows just got smarter!

All types of Live Map InfoWindows got enriched with added functionality and options to become more user-friendly and provide you with all the information you may ask for in an effective way!

Let's have a quick look at them:


Vessel InfoWindows

First things first! The "Voyage Forecasts" tool is now available on every Vessel InfoWindow. Get route forecasts, calculated ETAs and be informed in a timely manner about any vessel's current voyage...

...or access an array of options to make full use of the wealth of the MarineTraffic intelligence!

(note that the "Voyage Forecasts" tool is also available in the Vessel Details page - upgrade to a PRO or SAT subscription plan for full access)


Port InfoWindows

In addition to the options that you are familiar with (Ships in Port, Expected Arrivals, Recent Port Calls), the new Port InfoWindows enable you to view the weather conditions in the port that you are interested in. As always, you can also access the Port Details page for more information!


Light InfoWindows

Light InfoWindows may be considered as a typical...extreme makeover case! All the available information is just a click of the mouse away!


Station InfoWindows

Station InfoWindows also got re-designed to provide you with all the relevant information in an effective and user-friendly manner. Remember, there is more to see by accessing the Station Details page!


Points InfoWindows

Your custom made Points on the Live Map also got a new, re-designed InfoWindow. Create your Points, display them on the Live Map and get all the relevant information on your screen!


Photo InfoWindows

Clicking on any photo on the Live Map (after having them displayed on it) will bring out yet another re-designed InfoWindow which you can use to view the photo or visit its Details page.


We hope you enjoy the all-new, upgraded InfoWindows. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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