Voyage Data

In this article, you may learn how to access a vessel's voyage data including ETA, calculated ETA and Route Forecast along with other information concerning the vessel's journeys.

You will learn more about:

How to get access to the voyage data information

Please note that extended access to the Voyage Data Information is available for users subscribed to Voyage Data service, Professional and Professional Plus Plans or the Fleet Operations Solution.
However, as a Basic user, you still have access to the basic Voyage Data such as the reported destination and reported ATD/ETA. 

Voyage Data information about any vessel at a glance can be viewed:
directly on the Live Map through the Vessel Info Window
or through the Vessel Detail Page

Please check the Voyage Information section where you will be able to:

  • monitor the progress of any Vessel's voyage in no time, as indicated by the position of the blue arrow along the line that connects the origin and the destination ports. Both port names are shown along with the respective ATD (Actual Time of Departure) and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for the subject Vessel.
  • get vessel's Past Track (link article from Live Map) displayed on the Live Map, being able to see the speed and vessel events as well as the weather conditions, existed at the time each particular position had been recorded.
  • get dynamic, Calculated ETAs by MarineTraffic based on data-driven information that takes into account AIS-reported details (speed, course, reported destination), past voyages and shipping lanes!
  • get Load Condition to get more details about the most recent AIS-reported Draught of the subject vessel, the Max Draught that has ever been reported by her and the current Draught Ratio (which defines her Load Condition).
    This piece of information is also visible on the Vessel Details page (included in the Voyage Info section along with other voyage-related details and options).
  • get Route Forecasts based on actual routes as recorded by MarineTraffic through all these years of experience! What's more, get dynamic point-to-point forecasts about any part of the predicted route along with the relevant details!

How to get Animated Playback for Vessel track

You may get the vessel's track displayed on the Live Map and the Show Track Options toolbar will be automatically brought out. Please click on the Play button and you will be able to get animated vessel tracks. 

You will be able to select different track lengths by defining alternate time-frames. While the SELECT TIME PERIOD tab is enabled, use the From: and To: fields to easily define your desired time-frame from the calendar that pops-up.

Note: The available track length depends on your subscription to MarineTraffic Professional or Professional Plus Plans or Voyage Data service.

Once the playback starts you will be able to use a set of controls which will enable you to further personalise the way you will be viewing it:

  • Tick the selection box next to the Show Track option to be able to see the vessel's relative position in comparison to her recorded vessel tracks
  • Select the speed of the animated playback from the drop-down menu next to the Speed option (ranging from real-time to x1440)
  • Click on the Zoom on track option to quickly re-focus on the vessel's track in case you have moved around the Live Map
  • Click the Replay button to replay the animation when it ends.
  • Click on the Back Arrow button to return to the initial options panel.
  • Click on the X to close the Show Track Options toolbar

How to get Animated Playback for Multiple Vessel track

Since earlier we have discussed how to get the animated vessel tracks, it is time to review how to get the animated track for multiple vessels. 

For you to display Multiple Vessels' Tracks on the Live Map please click on the CHOOSE YOUR VESSELS section and then using the search bar you will be able to search for more vessels of your interest in order to display their tracks on the Live Map too.

In the search bar please type the name or IMO/MMSI number of the vessel you are interested in. 

The initial vessel and the added ones will each have a respective button next to the Add Vessel button. Please click the X button to remove any vessel without having to remove them all and start over.

Once you are ready click Play and you will be able to see multiple animated tracks on your screen.

Note II: The playback set of controls is exactly the same as the one that you use when you only view a vessel's track.