Voyage Data Information

 - Available on the Voyage Data Service and the MarineTraffic Essential Bundle 

The Voyage Data service enables you to get forward-looking voyage information about any vessel at a glance directly on the Live Map. The tool is accessible in the:

  • Vessel InfoWindowVessel_Infowindow_2.png
  • Vessel Details pages


Use the Voyage Data service to:

  • make future predictions based on MarineTraffic data-driven calculations.
  • be informed in a timely manner and make better decisions.
  • improve voyage monitoring of your favourite vessels.

Let's have a closer look at the available features:

  • Using the smart visualisation, you are able to tell the progress of any vessel's voyage in no time, as indicated by the position of the blue arrow along the line that connects the previous and the next ports. Both port names are shown along with the respective ATD (Actual Time of Departure) and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for the subject vessel.


  • Get extended voyage-related information which makes voyage monitoring and forecasting a simpler task: Distance Travelled, Distance to Go, Total Voyage Distance, Time to Destination.


  • Get dynamic, Calculated ETAs by MarineTraffic based on data-driven information that takes into account AIS-reported details (speed, course, reported destination), past voyages and shipping lanes!


  • Get Route Forecasts based on actual routes as recorded by MarineTraffic through all these years of experience! What's more, get dynamic point-to-point forecasts about any part of the predicted route along with the relevant details!