Does zoom level affect Density Maps?

Density Maps can get displayed at any time on the MarineTraffic Live Map. The map itself is fully responsive during that time so that you can zoom in or out as you usually do and focus on the areas you are most interested in.

In general, the zoom level varies from 2 (completely zoomed out) to 21 (completely zoomed in). You can always know the zoom level that is currently active by having a look at the url address (as shown in the following picture).

You can choose to display All Traffic Density Maps or per Vessel Type / Vessel Size. Depending on your choice, Density Maps will be displayed between the following zoom level ranges:

  • All Traffic - 2 to 10
  • Vessel Type - 2 to 10
  • Vessel Size - 2 to 7

Keep in mind that vessel icons will start to appear on the Live Map from zoom level 7 and onwards. So, if you want to combine Density Maps with real-time traffic you will have to zoom in to at least zoom level 7.