Areas of the World: How does MarineTraffic segment them?

The world is a huge place! Water makes up about 71% of its surface. Thus, an effective breakdown of the world into major areas is needed while taking into account the needs of the commercial maritime ecosystem. MarineTraffic addresses this issue by segmenting all areas as follows:

Primary Commercial Areas Covering All Waterways of the World

ADRIA Adriatic Sea
AG Arabian Gulf
ANT Antarctica
BALTIC Baltic Sea
BSEA Black Sea
CARIBS Caribbean Sea
CASPIAN Caspian Sea
CCHINA Central China
EAFR East Africa
EAUS East Australia
ECCA East Coast Central America
ECCAN East Coast Canada
ECI East Coast India
ECSA East Coast South America
EMED East Mediterranean
GLAKES Great Lakes
INDO Indonesia
INLSAM Inland, South America
INLCN Inland, China
INLEU Inland, Europe
INLRU Inland, Russia
JAPAN Japan Coast
NAUS North Australia
NCCIS North Coast CIS
NCHINA North China
NCSA North Coast South America
NOATL North Atlantic
NORDIC Norwegian Coast
NPAC North Pacific
PHIL Philippines
RSEA Red Sea
SAFR South Africa
SCHINA South China
SEASIA South-East Asia
SIND South Indian Ocean
SPAC South Pacific
UKC UK Coast & Atlantic
USEC US East Coast
USG Gulf of Mexico
USWC US West Coast
WAFR West Africa
WAUS West Australia
WCCA West Coast Central America
WCCAN West Coast Canada
WCI West Coast India
WCSA West South America
WMED West Mediterranean

A depiction of the above-mentioned areas on the world map can be seen in the picture below:


More specific areas are also defined to cover parts of the world, based on geographical criteria, as follows:

Secondary Geographical Areas

Adaman Sea
Aegean Sea
Antwerp Area
Arafura Sea
Azov Sea
Baffin Bay
Balearic Sea
Banda Sea
Barents Sea
Beaufort Sea
Bengal Bay
Bering Sea
Biscay Bay
Bohai Sea
Bothnia Gulf
Bristol Channel
Celebes Sea
Celtic Sea
Chukchi Sea
Coral Sea
Dubai Area
East China Sea
East Siberian Sea
Elbe River
English Channel
Finland Gulf
Gran Canaria
Great Australian Bight
Greenland Sea
Gulf of Aden
Gulf of Alaska
Gulf of California
Gulf of Guinea
Gulf of Honduras
Gulf of Thailand
Hudson Bay
Hudson River
Ionian Sea
Irish Sea
Java Sea
Kara Sea
Kiel Canal
Laccadive Sea
Lake Erie
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Lake Ontario
Lake Superior
Laptev Sea
Ligurean Sea
Makassar Strait
Malacca Strait
Marmara Sea
Molucca Sea
North Sea
Northwestern Passage
Okhotsk Sea
Oman Gulf
Panama Canal
Persian Gulf
Piraeus Area
Riau Archipelago
Rotterdam Area
Singapore Area
Solomon Sea
St. Lawrence Gulf
St. Lawrence River
Sulu Sea
Tasman Sea
Timor Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
White Sea
Yellow Sea

Thus, the map of the world is further processed so that these areas can be accurately defined. A sample of such a case is shown in the following picture: